They say a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down… but what if the sugar IS the medicine?

The SugaRx Pharmacy is a modern day hybrid between a confectionary and apothecary. Serving as the “Candy Cure” for ailments such as HeartAche, feeling like Total Crap, strengthening that Last Nerve,  seeing Pigs Fly, curing the Blah.. Blah.. Blahs, Picker Uppers, Sweet Nothings, random Mood Swings, curing The Excuses To pills, Romance Deficient Vitamins, Smiley Pills,  unleashing Inner Child mood enhancers, the morning after, building The Nerve To lozenges, Love Doctor Kits, daily candy holders to make sure you sugar – toothing stays on schedule and more. The online boutique style candy shop and flagship store, can easily be spotted by its sugar sweet mint green and powder blue ‘Rx” lollipop signature.

~Love & Ice Cream